Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Cannot Help But Wonder...

 Is Israel the 51st state  of the US?.  Or is the US a territory under
the control of Israel.  It is unbelievable that the Israeli Knesset
and the American Congress would be simultaneously involved with
passing laws that would impose fines and sanctions on anybody who
promotes any non-violent movement such as the  BDS (Boycot Divestment
and Sanctions) against Israel for its  continued illegal military
occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

While both the US and  the United Nations consider the occupation of
the West Bank as well as the annexation of East Jerusalem and the
building of settlements are illegal, yet the US continues to support
Israel in pursuing this illegal status.  While we Palestinians are
physically occupied by Israel, the US, however, is  morally and
psychologically occupied.

Mr. Netanyahu keeps claiming that Israel is the state for all Jews,
inviting all Jews from all over the world to come to Israel.  Yet how
ironic that  a Jewish lady Rabbi, Alissa Wise,  who was a member of
an interfaith delegation planning to come and visit Israel was denied
with the rest of the delegation from boarding  a Lufthansa Airlines
jet at Washington Dulles International Airport heading to Israel.

It seems the Prime Minister would like to welcome only Jews who
approve and support  all the illegal measures of the State.  The
sincere Jews and non- Jews who for the sake of the welfare of Israel
would like to see a non-violent way to end the  occupation, are not
welcome to Israel.  There is no doubt that  the Prime Minister and his
right wing government are proving to be their own worst enemies.

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